How to make and use a RESERVOIR WATER LEVEL
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To make this tool find something to use as a reservoir, it could be a 1 gallon milk jug, water jug, bucket, etc. The key is that it should have a large surface area. For our example we used a tupperware type bucket, see figure 1.

figure 1

Next, make a hole in the bottom. here, we're drilling a 3/8" hole, see figure 2.

figure 2

Make sure the hole is smooth, here we used a little sand paper rolled up to smooth the edges so the gromett will seat good, see figure 3.

figure 3

Now insert a fitting to attach the tubing to the bucket. We elected to use a rubber gromett becuase they're easy to get, they seal good, and they won't break when the tubing is yanked around, see figure 4 (use a little soapy water to get it in). Other type of connections are possible but make sure it doesn't leak.

figure 4

Now cut the tubing at an angle to make it easier to insert, see figure 5.

figure 5

Insert the tubing into the gromett, use a little Windex or soapy water to help get it in, see figure 6.

figure 6

Make sure the tubing is inserted into the reservoir and that the seal is tight, see figure 7.

figure 7

Now simply fill the reservoir with water and hold the end of the tubing up - the water in the tubing will match the water in the reservoir, see figure 8.

figure 8

The reservoir acts as the reference line, where ever you take the end of the tubing the water will match the level in the reservoir. Just take the end of the tubing and hold it up against each stake/location you want to mark, see figure 9

figure 9

The advantages of this type of level are that the reservoir provides a more stable reference line, this is due to the relationship of the surface area of the reservoir to the surface area of the tubing. Since the reservoir is much larger, any change in the level of the tubing results in very little change in the reservoir. Simply put; if you move the tubing, the reservoir doesn't change therefore your reference line stays stable. If you move the tubing with the Tubing Water Level, the water moves a lot, as does your reference line. Other advantages are it's simplicity and accuracy. The major disadvantage is that it will only provide you with a reference line - no measurements.