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WatrLevel a48


Our standard WatrLevel, 48" long (measures a change of elevation of 42" without resetting).  Comes with a 5 liter jug and 50' of tubing.  Does not come with the telescoping leg. All parts are interchangable so you can add extra measuring staffs and save money.

WatrLevel A48

Add A24 Staff Only for $35 more


WatrLevel a24



Our standard all purpose WatrLevel, 24" long (measures a change of elevation of 20" without resetting).  Comes with a 2 liter jug and 50' of tubing, and the telescoping leg.  


4.0L Water Level


Our new basic tub style water level, features a 4.0L tub, 50' tubing, pinch clamp, and lid. Easy to set up and take down, tubing stores easily inside of tub.   

WatrLevel a24 Staff only


Our standard all purpose WatrLevel, 24" long (measures a change of elevation of 20" without resetting).  Comes with 50' of tubing, pinch clamp, and a grommet (you provide the resevoir). Telescoping leg IS NOT INCLUDED but can be ordered seprately as an add-on if you'd like.

50' Tubing (w barbs)


Fifty feet of 5/16" od, 3/16" id tubing.  Use as replacement for worn or damaged tubing or add to existing tubing to get additional length. 


Telescoping Leg


The Telescoping leg fits all models and raises the measuring staff up 42", making it easier to read. It can also be inserted into the top of the measuring staff making it useful for overhead applications as well.

Express Shipping


If you want Express Shipping please add this to the cart.  Then call us to get an accurate quote (831-214-1350) for the time frame you desire. Express shipping is very expensive, especially on the a48 which is a big box..

1 YEAR Unconditional Guarantee!

If you're not happy with the WatrLevel for ANY reason just ship it back to us and we'll refund your purchase.

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So what are you waiting for? Try it, you'll be surprised how awesome this tool is!

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