The WatrLevel can also be used to find the heights of the pier-blocks before you cut the support posts.  By doing this you make it much easier to place your trailer.  Just take a reading on each block then add a number to bring them up the the height you want.

For example, if you have three blocks, the first is the reference block, which means it is the zero-block, another block is 2" lower, and the third is 1.5" higher.  If you want the trailer 15" higher than the reference block then you would cut one post 15", another 17", and the last would be 13.5".  By doing this you would practically have the trailer leveled before you ever placed it.  Once placed you would have to make adjustments to account for settling and any movement of the blocks. Check out this short video to see how easy it is to measure the blocks.  This video shows the a24 being used, the principal is the same with the a12.  It also shows the telescoping leg being used, this feature can be used with the a12 as well.

Measuring pier-block video
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Perfect for mobile home leveling ....

Mobile Homes

Need to level or set a mobile home?

Before you can start to level your mobile home or trailer you need a method to determine if it is out-of-level, and if so, how much.  If your setting it for the first time you'll need to determine if your foundation and/or pier-blocks are level.  One of the most common methods for this is to use a water level, we think that after you try a regular water level you'll see why the WatrLevel is so handy.

Since the WatrLevel provides instant readings, can be used around obstacles, and only requires one person to operate.  It is the perfect tool for leveling mobile homes.  Our newest WatrLevel is only 12" long, the WatrLevel a12 easily fits under mobile homes and trailers.  Extremely accurate and easy to use, this new WatrLevel makes leveling a mobile home or trailer as easy as it gets.

 It works from under the trailer, from the side of the trailer, AND from within the trailer.  The WatrLevel a12 can even be used to measure the pier blocks before setting the trailer, simply choose the height you want and then set the Watrlevel on each pier-block, the WatrLevel will instantly tell you how big of a block to cut.   You can order it here.   Remember, the WatrLevel can also be used for hundreds of projects, not just leveling homes.  So what are you waiting for?  It's 100% guaranteed!


Step 1

figure 1
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This is how it works: place the reservoir at a location where the tubing will reach all the places you want to measure, see figure 1. the reservoir can be under the trailer, outside of the trailer - it doesn't even have to be in view.

Step 2

figure 2
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The height of the reservoir is very important: Place the reservoir so that water level in the reservoir is somewhere near the middle of the scale on the measuring staff (see figure 2). This ensures that the readings will remain on the scale and that it is easily readable. Remember - the WatrLevel a12 has a range of 8", if you place the reservoir in the middle you can take readings that are +/- 4".

Step 3


Although it is not required, we recommend that you secure the reservoir to something - use a bungee cord or duck tape to ensure that the reservoir does not move when you drag the tubing around.

Step 4

figure 3
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Now place the measuring staff against the I-beam near the first block (see figure 3) - this block will be the reference block. Move the measuring tape so that the zero point (0) matches the water (make sure the pinch-clamp and the bottle top are open). Make a map of your trailer and note the zero point on this map.

Step 5

figure 4
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Now place the measuring staff up against the I-beam next to each block and simply record the reading on your map. Readings in the black mean that this point is higher than the reference point, readings in the red mean this point is lower.

Step 6

figure 5
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When you done you will have a map of the whole trailer showing the high and low points. From here you can adjust the trailer and then check your work with the WatrLevel.

How much easier can it get?  Sure beats those clumsy tube water levels!



I'm sorry to say but we are OUT of a12's. However we do have the 4.0L Water Level, a basic reservoir style water level that most Mobile Home levelers use.