Built to last ...

Take a look at all the great WatrLevel features, click on any image to enlarge.

aluminum The WatrLevel is virtually indestructible, the primary reason for this is the aluminum housing.  Made of quality T-5 aluminum and extruded thickly, it can withstand punishment.  We could have saved money by using a thin profile but the WatrLevel wouldn't be the quality it is now.

The design also makes it a comfortable fit with any hand size.

tubing bend We designed the end cap so the tubing won't come out or get damaged when the measuring staff is moved around.

The end cap has a hole on the top and the bottom for the telescoping leg, this allows the WatrLevel to be used either up or down.  Made out of quality plastic, it is designed to provide a clean appearance as well as functionality when marking posts/stakes/walls/ etc.

faceplate The faceplate is made of quality pro-vista plastic which provides excellent clarity, UV resistance, and impact resistance.  the tape measure is made of heavy duty steel convex tape with easy-to-read scales; fractions on the right and decimals on the left.

The telescoping leg is made from quality aluminum with positive lock buttons (prevents slippage).  Extends to 24" and to 42" and can be used with any WatrLevel model. It can inserted into the measuring staff from bottom or the top.

grommet The reservoir is designed with a grommet, not a barb which can/will break.  The grommet is off-the-shelf, in the unlikely event it fails just buy another (3/8"d) at your local hardware store.

Equipped with an easy-to-slide handle, natural tension keeps the tape in place.  The handle is bolted, not riveted, it will not come off .....

inserting tubing Replacement of the tubing couldn't be any easier, just a little soapy water and the tubing will slide right in.  The tubing is standard 5/16"od, easy to get at any hardware store or get online from us.

pinch clamp
Use the pinch-clamp to shut off the flow of water, this allows the WatrLevel to be stored without spillage - remember to open it before use!

  We use only quality tubing - soft and flexible with excellent visibility.

reservoir Our reservoirs are 2 liter for a12 and a24, and a liter for the a48. We chose reservoirs with handles to make it easy to hang then if desired.

tubing channel The channels on the side of the tubing allow the tubing to peel-out for easy replacement.  The left side is for the decimal scale and the right is for fractions.

Optional barbs are used to extend the length of the tubing.