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Customer Comments

Next to using a tool yourself, customer comments and evaluations are the next best indicator of how good a product is.  All our customer comments are real and if you request it, we will provide you will the their email, address, or phone number so you can verify the comments yourself.

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"My wife purchased my first water level from you about 4 years ago. At first I was wondering just how it would work. We were doing some major re-modeling to our mobile home. After reading the directions and experimenting with it, I found it to be the most ingenious tool that I owned!

We used it for all of our brick work, the roof line remodel plus my helpers all wanted to use it with other jobs around our park.

As my wife mentioned to you when inquiring about a new one, I can't imagine doing this kind of work without it. I am enclosing pictures, the before and the after. It is definitely one of the best and most versatile things I have used."

Frank Fabbri


I just received your delivery and looked it over. Thanks for the great design. I was looking for a tool to evaluate homes as a Home Inspector. I saw a lot of the competitors and they were not going get it done for me. I could have used one of their products with a ruler, but I would have had to mount it also and get a zero, then do the math. This is the easiest way I could have imagined to make a quick map of the house without the benefit of line of sight. I will recommend your tool to other inspectors in the future. The simplicity and functionality are PERFECT for my job.


Robert Parman
Pacific Property Consultants

Other comments:

:"This product is the best tool on the market for leveling or verifying level of existing floors."

Aaron Docsa, Hunt Building Corp, used the WatrLevel to level 828 units of a multi-family housing project

"Lasers are nice, but in the real world gravity never lies."

Jerry Suiter Jr, used the WatrLevel to level a 16 position truck scale

"To me it's more accurate than a transit and it takes only one person to operate."

Janice Pacifico, used the WatrLevel for sewer lines and to build a brick patio

"Simple, but effective & valuable."

Lonnie Carrol, LMC Corp, used the WatrlLevel for sub grade and concrete form work

"The WatrLevel worked great for laying out my driveway."

Arlen Johnson, used the WatrLevel for leveling his driveway

"Saved me at least $300.00 by not having to buy a laser level, plus I don't need line-of-sight"

Marl Bell, used the WatrLevel for foundation leveling and soil pipe slopes

" .... I have a Spectra Precision laser and two Nikon automatic levels and still end up using the WatrLevel 50% of the time. Great for leveling mobile homes too!"

Tom Kennedy


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