Great new tool for the Home Inspector ...
Home Inspection

Home Inspection

A great use for the WatrLevel is for Home Inspection.   On occasion, a home inspector may see signs of excessive settling or possibly improper construction techniques.  Home inspectors are trained to see these signs of trouble but documenting them is more difficult.  The WatrLevel is the perfect tool to check to see if the floors are level and if not, it will indicate exactly how much out of level each point is.

The watrLevel offers fast to set-up, accurate, inexpensive, easy to put away, and only requires one person to operate.   In addition,  it will check throughout the house without resetting (one floor), that's because the WatrLevel can do what is referred to as "blind leveling", line-of-sight is not needed.

 The home inspector can easily check a whole house in minutes.   With this information the home inspector can easily make a map that shows the levels in the entire house.  The WatrLevel can also be used to check grading, ensuring water drains correctly outside of the home.  Amazingly enough, the watrLevel can also check ceilings to see if they are sagging and by how much.

You're simply not going to find ANY other tool on the market that can do everything the WatrLevel does as quickly, accurately, and as inexpensively as this tool!