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American Cottage industry still exists!

The WatrLevel concept was first developed by my late Father back in the early 60's. The two of us used homemade versions for years until we decided to make and sell them.

The WatrLevel company is not some big corporation, while it's tempting to portray it as one, the truth is, it's just me - Brady.

Yep, a one man operation - the design, the website, the orders - everything - is done by me.

So, if you call, you'll be speaking to the "man in charge".

Who says that American Cottage Industry is dead?

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Sometimes simple is better ...
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The WatrLevel does EVERYTHING a Laser Level or Transit does PLUS MORE, at a fraction of the cost!

A tape measure measures the distance from one point to another. The WatrLevel measures the HEIGHT difference form one point to other points.

We've combined the traditional water level with a measuring tape to produce the the WatrLevel. Easy to use, accurate, reasonably priced! Perfect for all of your long distance leveling and measuring jobs.


* One-man operation * Blind leveling * Easy to set-up and use * Very accurate * Virtually indestructible * No batteries required * Easy to read scale * Scale has Fractions and Metric * Only 1 moving part * can be used from below or above


* Deck building (footings) * Concrete work (forms) * Grading (lawns, paths, etc) * Plumbing (ensure proper drainage) * Fence and gate building * Brick work * Retaining walls * Mobile home leveling
* Installing cabinets * Lake/pond construction * Pool work
* Garage door installation * Siding installation * Rain gutter installation
* T-bar installation * Painting * and much, much more

2018 is going to be a great year!

We've been selling them for over 15 years now with thousands of satisfied customers. If you have a question about the WatrLevel feel free to call me directly at 831-214-1350 from 9am to 5pm Pacific time and I will be glad to answer any question you might have. I get a lot of spam so please leave a message and I'll call youright back.

Brady Fehr


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What is a WatrLevel?

The WatrLevel is a simple tool that measures vertically.  It is primarily used in two ways: to measure the vertical change from one point to another point(s), or, to find the level point from one point to other point(s).  We call the first "measure change" and the second, "find level".

What is it used for?

The WatrLevel is used for the same applications as a Transit or a Laser Level but the WatrLevel provides measurements, not just a reference line.  Common uses would be to build concrete patio's, walkways, foundations, decks, lawns, fences, retaining walls, etc.  It also is used for brickwork, installing drains, mobile home leveling, tool leveling, aircraft construction, mapping, installing cabinets, installing siding, painting, hanging lights, checking for sinkage, T-bar installation, etc.  There are literally thousands of uses for the WatrLevel. For more information, see our Uses page.

How does the WatrLevel work?

The WatrLevel utilizes the principal that water seeks it's own level. The WatrLevel consists of three main parts: the reservoir, the tubing, and the measuring staff (click here to see all the features).

By using the water in the reservoir as a reference point we can use the measuring staff to take readings. Water levels have been is use for thousands of years but have been notoriously difficult to use (click here to read all about Water levels). The WatrLevel changes all that - it's very easy to use, the reason is our patented measuring rod.  It's so simple that we're actually surprised that no one has done this before.

Is the WatrLevel accurate?

The WatrLevel is extremely accurate: more than 1/16" on the a48 model and more than 1/32" on the a24 model regardless of distance.  The reason for this is that the WatrLevel is not degree-dependent, it's the ratio of the surface area of the reservoir to the diameter of the tubing that makes the WatrLevel so accurate.  For detailed specifications see our Specs page.

What is the difference between the different types of WatrLevels offered?

The WatrLevel a24 is 24" long and can measure a vertical change of 20" without resetting.  It comes with a 1 liter reservoir, and 50' of tubing which will allow you to measure up to 100' in diameter. It also comes with the telescoping leg. The a24 is designed to be a compact all-purpose WatrLevel.

The WatrLevel a48 is 48" long and can measure a vertical change of 44" without resetting.  It comes with 2 liter reservoir and 50' of tubing which will allow you to measure up to 100' in diameter. The a48 is primarily designed to be used for applications which have a large change in elevation. The telescoping leg is optional.


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If you're not happy with the WatrLevel for ANY reason just ship it back to us and we'll refund your purchase.


So what are you waiting for? Try it, you'll be surprised how awesome this tool is!